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    an ode to dick and damian in masterpost form


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    @trojancrossfit #trojancrossfit good luck at wod gear!! 💪💪💪 by lifeofporkie http://ift.tt/1sHVJjq

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    F r i d a y ! 👅 by prince_pierre_the_frenchie http://ift.tt/1sIRt29


    I am so scared right now

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  4. The Legend of Korra fandom Right now:



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    I didn’t expect all this pain when I doodled this.

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    Kawaiiii ♥

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    Korra book 3 finale.

    I think I forgot how to breathe a few times. Studio Mir did some absolutely awesome, gorgeous work. Thank you whole Korra crew!!!

    I like this GIF as the sequel to my last post. I also love how buff Korra looks in that incredible animation. THAT is how she is supposed to look in every shot.

    Thank you, Johane! I would also like to give a huge thanks to the Korra crews at Nick in Burbank, and in Seoul at Studio Mir and Studio Reve for a stellar season and finale. And thank you to the fans! Thanks for sticking with this show after the bumpy ride in Book 2, and the hide-and-seek network shenanigans this summer. Keep cursing the Bryke for making you feel the feels and smell the real poop. We’ll be back with Book 4 as soon as possible. Hopefully it won’t be released only on smartwatches or some other inane platform.

    Love, Bryan

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